About Our Parish

The Parish of Stanley and Stanley Common is a vibrant, thriving and friendly community of some 2000 people living in 900 dwellings in the two villages which form the Parish.  At the census in 2001 there were some 400 children and young people under the age of 16 and some 350 retired people resident ion the Parish.  Some 1240 residents, the majority of the working population, were in employment.

The Parish is extremely proud of its social and industrial heritage.  The welcoming village signposts and Parish logo (seen above) represent this heritage in the headstocks for mining, tractor for farming and the windmill that still exists today at Cat and Fiddle Lane in the neighbouring Parish of Dale Abbey, for flour milling.  Historically it was these three industries, together with brick making, rope making and quarrying that were the main occupations and sources of prosperity for local people in the last century and provided the wealth which contributed to the development of the Parish.  A railway network, now long since gone, served the colieries and parishioners in its industrial hey day, with a station on Station Road.

People are very community orientated and proud to live in the Parish.  They take great pride in looking after the vulnerable and elderley parishioners, providing recreational facilities for the young people and also looking after the surroundings in which they live.

This is a testimony to the forward looking and caring community.

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